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High Performance Teams

Using Behavioural Science principles learn how to to coach,  shape performance and create high performing teams. High Performing teams produce quantity and quality, they go beyond what it expected of them to deliver more, this is what is known as discretionary effort. Find out what leaders can do to build sustainable high performing teams. 

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Key Behaviour Indicators & Key Performance Indicators

Include another dimension to the way you manage performance with KBIs (Key Behaviour Indicators). Behaviour sits at the centre of everything we do within organisations, it is the glue that pulls an organisation’s strategy and process together. Without people doing the right behaviours we will no be able to achieve results.

Find out how you can grow performance exponentially by focussing on shaping behaviours within your organisation.

Key Topics:

  • Behavioural Science Models that influence and shape behaviour
  • How to build alignment within the organisation by getting people to focus on the right behaviours
  • How to have brief meaningful interactions that shape performance and build engagement
  • Understanding the impact of your own behaviour on others

You will never see the world in the same way again once you see the world through a Behavioural lens.

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Trends influencing the future of work

The Future is Now! Welcome to the Future of Work

As we venture into 2016, we kick off our annual series of Leadership Breakfast Talks with a thought provoking examination of the latest trends and issues that confront leaders and managers across all spheres of work.

There are major influences that are shifting the way we work permanently. This forum looks deeper at some of these elements to facilitate how senior leaders can prepare their organisations to address and incorporate some of  the insights gained from this session. 

Taking off from our last dislogue ‘Leadership in VUCA world”, this session will be facilitated by Krish Iyer, Managing Partner, Behavioural Consulting Group, an expert in organisational change and transformation.

Some of the key trends we will seek to examine are:

  • The manager less company
  • The emergence of the portfolio worker
  • A synthesising mindsets and behaviours 
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